Paradise-crow, Manucode, Paradigalla, Astrapia, Parotia, Pteridophora, Lophorina, Ptiloris, Epimachus, Drepanornis, Cicinnurus, Diphyllodes, Semioptera are a few of the birds of paradise my partner and I, Esther-Helin Bienroth were inspired by.
Papua New-Guinea with its landscape and people also played a huge role in our inspiration.
With using materials like bark, bones, shells and straw we created a beautiful mix with silk, pearls, cotton and a technical shiny artificial fabric.
The goal of this work was to create a dreamy yet strong look.
Model: Sarah Mey Ngo
MUA/Hair: Franziska Wilke
Photographer: Jonas Z├╝fle
Design: Esther-Helin Bienroth & Sharonda Quainoo
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