The inspiration for the theme „Berlin Chic“ was ‚Art Noveau‘ in Berlin.
I was inspired by the tiled hallways in the old buildings in Berlin-Moabit.
I photographed tiles and researched some more on the internet and rearranged them on photoshop to find new silhouettes.
My fellow students and I had to create a capsule collection, found a pretend brand with a logo and present the result.
I founded the brand ‚veteris‘ which is a women‘s ready-to-wear  label which focusses on connecting the dots between new trends and classics.
Contrary to the colors used in that time, I chose to use warm colors to give the Autumn/Winter collection a more cordial feel.

Model: Cassianne Lawrence
MUA: Cassianne Lawrence
Photographer: Elijah Ndoumbe
Design: Sharonda Quainoo
Art Direction: E. Ndoumbe & S.Quainoo
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