Our assignment for the fusion between African and Western European cultures called ‚african hybrid‘ was to pick influences out of an African culture and to mix it with Western European culture and sports.
My partner Laura Bicking and I were inspired by the art festival ‚Chale Wote‘ in Accra, Ghana, the shapes of a classic men‘s shirt and the Japanese martial art ‚Kendo‘.
We created a genderless and interchangeable fall collection with earthy colors and a few colored accents.
The materials we used and imagined for the collection were leather, wool, cotton.
The sleeves of the coat were knitted tubes handknitted by me.
design ideas
design ideas
Models: Justice Leiner & Marie Noel
MUA/Hair: Adriana Röder
Photographer: Helen Preis
Design: Laura Bicking & Sharonda Quainoo
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